Valerie Ihsan

author, editor, dog lover

So my plan for the day was to write in my novel, pick out some podcast music for a podcast I'm starting, and do some editing for a client.

But I woke up blowing my nose. Before my feet even hit the ground. I think I've sneezed eighty-eight times today.


Writing, reading, or even laying down makes my head hurt.

I did get some words down on the manuscript and that feels delicious, let me tell you. But other than that, I've napped, gone through five handkerchiefs and had to move onto a roll of toilet paper (ouch), watched a Joanna Penn video, read, watched Netflix and Facebooked. I'm not proud, but it seems it was all I had in me today. And I'll have to be okay with that. I'm a little worried about the client deadline, but hopefully I can get a bunch done tomorrow. Even if I have to take maximum allowed dosages of Advil and antihistamine.

One of my other tasks to do today was write a blog post. It was going to be valuable. A thorough look at the different kinds of self-care there are. But instead, you got me complaining about being sick. But guess what? Two things. One: being sick is all part of the author life, too. And two: as a peace offering (with questionable value), I offer a dog video. My dog video.


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