Valerie Ihsan

author, editor, dog lover


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How To Grieve

Willow Bench Books 2017

ISBN: 9780997581027

30 pages



Signed paperback:


How to Grieve is a how-to guide with practical tips on every page and resource lists at the back of the booklet. Specifically designed with the death of a partner or spouse in mind, How to Grieve: Even When You Don't Want To is applicable to any loss: a child, friend, pet, or divorce.

Buy today to learn how to deal with your (or someone else's) immediate grief, and to know what your next steps can be.

This booklet offers succinct, practical, and accessible information for those looking for guidance in the face of grief and loss of a loved one. In her non-threatening and down-to-earth style, Ms. Ihsan validates and acknowledges the many manifestations of grief while empowering the reader to explore their own experiences of grieving.

~ Cara Young, LCSW, Hospice Social Worker

Early Readers Say

"No matter where you are in the grieving process, I believe you will find this book helpful. Valerie, through her writing, is able to speak both to those that are grieving, and those caring for those going through grief. She gives advice that is supportive and loving, and real. She provides ideas and resources, but most importantly, she gives you a look into how the process may look through time." --C.Wiltshire

"The practical advice for children is solid! The healing portion coupled with the meditation process was well written and I think some of the best advice. One of the reoccurring themes is that everyone is different, expresses their grief and loss in different ways; this brochure gives both license and permission for each person in similar circumstances to come to grips with their own reality, their own experience." --Don L.

"I could’ve used this when my brother died. I could’ve used it when my father died. After years of experience and having learned most of what you outlined, it would have been a great read after my mother died a couple/3 years ago."