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Forget the Seating Arrangement

My latest adventure is called wedding planning.

This isn't the first wedding I've planned, but I don't remember having been in charge of so many little nitty-gritties before.

It's all good though. What a joyful thing to be doing with my time! I--wisely--turned down two really awesome projects this year in order to accommodate the extra time I knew I'd need for this lovely new "job" I have. My fiancé and I will be married in the middle of September of this year. Nine months to get ready.

So far all I've got nailed down is the location (the magical wooded Tipi Village Retreat), our wedding party, and the rings. Also, the band we want--who are probably too expensive for us.

This morning I was wrestling with the lodging arrangements. Forget about the seating arrangements. Lodging is definitely harder. Mostly because there is so much less of it available. You can always pull up a chair if you get the dinner guests in the wrong order, but you can't magically erect a tipi out of nowhere.

After feeling the edges of panic, I stopped for a cup of chai. Hot chai and dog are all I need. Except my fiancé! And a wool blanket for snuggles on the couch.

Sitting with my tea, my journal erupted with another list. Of course. Because that's the way I think. Or process. Or keep from going insane. Lists are calming salve for me.

So my list said I needed to talk to my dad first, before anything else. Once I know what his lodging requirements will be, I can place almost everyone else. 'Cuz family and wedding party get first dibs.

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